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      War metaphors, Conflict, Conflict Management, Relevance, elections, campaign speeches. [1]
      Warburgia ugandensis, amplified fragment length polymorphism (AFLP), domestication, genetic diversity, on-farm, natural. [1]
      Warmth; control; internalizing behaviors; parenting ;cross‐cultural [1]
      waste management;plastic bags; Kenya [1]
      Wastewater, Removal Efficiency, Heavy Metals. [1]
      Water Access, Availability, Complementary, Conditions, Rural Areas [1]
      Water and sanitation [1]
      Water availability, rainfed irrigation, food crop production, livelihood, basic needs. [4]
      Water deficit, Crotalaria ochroleuca, malnutrition, food security. [1]
      water hammer, method of characteristics, number of branches, pressure magnitude, momentum equation, equation of continuity, finite differences. [1]
      Water hyacinth Weed carpet Mat buoyancy Connectivity Biomass Plant mass distribution.’ Winam gulf Navigation Population density Rhizome [2]
      Water hyacinth; Weed carpet; Mat buoyancy; Connectivity; Biomass; Plant mass distribution; Winam gulf; Navigation; Population density; Rhizome [1]
      Water hyacinth; Weed carpet;Mat buoyancy;Connectivity; Biomass ;Plant mass distribution;Connectivity Biomass Plant mass distribution.’.’ [1]
      Water management, Water governance, Climate change impact [1]
      Water provision, large technological system, history of technology, Nairobi, urban resilience [1]
      Water quality index, Nyando River, drinking water [1]
      Water Quality, Pollution, Human Activities, Sampling Sites, Lakeshore [1]
      water, [1]
      Water-user preference; Availability of water; Households; Informal settlements; Obunga informal settlement; Frequency of water supply; Quantity of water suppl [1]
      watermelon, commercial cultivars, agronomic performance, landrace, kenya. [1]