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      dairy cattle, Variance components and genetic parameters [1]
      Dairy Goats, Sub-Saharan Africa, Milk Production, Research and Development, Low Input Systems [1]
      Dairy production, dairy cattle breeds, Holstein Friesian (F), Ayrshire (A), Jersey (J) and Guernsey (G) [1]
      Data mining, classification, Ensemble, Hybrid, Resample filter, class imbalance, WEKA, Naïve Bayes, Decision tree(J48), Majority voting, Support Vector Machine(smo), K-Nearest Neighbor (IBK), Multilayer perceptron [1]
      Data, Discrimination, Ethics, Harmful, False, Pretence, Unauthorized [2]
      Dating violence, psychological, physical and sexual violence [1]
      DDT, HCB, POPs, degradation, mineralization, tropical, soil [1]
      De-legitimization, forestry policy, national forestry authority, politics, regulated communities, Uganda. [1]
      Debit cards, credit cards, commercial banks, Kenya. [1]
      Debt financing [1]
      Degradation Kinetics, Faujasite X And Y, Fresh Water, Half Life, Malathion [1]
      Demand, Extension services, Small-scale farmers, Zero inflated negative binomial, Maize, Kenya [1]
      Democracy, Antidemocratic, Party Politics, Normative Utilitarian perspective [2]
      Democratic Republic of Congo [1]
      democratising, information, socio-political song, technology [1]
      Democratization, political violence [1]
      Density Function Theory, nuclear physics, and quantum chemistry. [1]
      deposit-taking SACCOs,adoption-use, technology, organisation, environment, attitude, normative structure, perceived behaviour. [1]
      Depression symptoms, social phobia, panic disorder. [1]
      Depression; Selenium; Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) [1]