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      Nairobi security exchange, NSE share index, market automation, market effeciency [1]
      Naivasha, Incidence, Crash, Injuries, Commercial Motorcyclists [1]
      Nanofluid; Nanoparticles; 2D microchannel; Nusselt number. [1]
      Nanoscale zero-valent iron Hydroxyl radicals 2-chlorobiphenyl Oxidative degradation [1]
      Nanotechnology, nanocarriers, drug delivery, tropical diseases, nanoencapsulation [1]
      Nation-State, International Borders, Security [1]
      national symbol, national anthem, RoSS, paradoxes [1]
      Natural coagulant, Maerua subcordata, Turbidity, nephelometric turbidity unit (NTU). [1]
      NCPB-National Cereals and Produce Board, Supply Chain Management and National Irrigation Board. [1]
      neem, Azadirachta indica, larger grain borer, Prostephanus truncatus, insect population, Azadirachtin [1]
      Negroid; Race; Target tissue resistance;Resistance ;Syndrome; Nucleotide sequence; South Africa(Republic) Africa [1]
      Neo-liberalism; African Development; Social Economy; Solidarity; Cooperatives [1]
      Neonatal Nutrition, Tropical Medicine, pediatric protocol [1]
      NERICA rice, Relative water content, Plant biomass, Chlorophyll fluorescence, Chlorophyll and protein content [1]
      NERICA rice, water deficit, heading, flowering, tiller, and yield. [1]
      NERICA rice, water deficit, plant biomass, root: shoot ratio, transpiration and stomatal conductance. [1]
      NERICA, upland rice, yield, moisture stress, Kenya. [1]
      Network Modelling of Infectious Diseases [1]
      Neuroprotection,Molecules,Flavonoids,Toxicity,Structural characteristics [1]
      nfluence, Parenting Styles, Adolescent Students,’ Academic Achievement, Kenyan, Day, Secondary Schools [1]