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      k-plane tree; k-noncrossing increasing tree; Locally oriented k-noncrossing trees; Dyck path; Lattice path. [1]
      Kalongolongo, role play, local classification of genres, early childhood [1]
      Kaolinite, adsorption, sulfonamides, water. [1]
      KaoliniteMetakaoliniteFused-metakaoliniteZeolite Na-AZeolite Na-XZeolite Na–YFumed silica [1]
      Kei Apple, Plant Thorn, Foreign Body Synovitis. [1]
      Kenya [2]
      Kenya Boran cattle . (co)variance components. Genetic parameters. Growth traits. Reproductive traits [1]
      Kenya national drama festival, dramatic text, post colonial theory, representation, cultural identity. [1]
      Kenya national drama festival, Dramatic text, post-colonial theory, Representation, Cultural identity [1]
      Kenya national drama festival,dramatic text,post-colonial theory,representation and cultural identity [1]
      Kenya, Artemia franciscana, Economics, Local communities [1]
      Kenya, Capital Formation, Multilateral Aid, Bilateral Aid [1]
      Kenya, COVID-19, pandemic response, transmission, disease control measures [1]
      Kenya, elections, violence, historical memory, ethnicity, multi-party politics [1]
      Kenya, Factors, medical students, substance of abuse [1]
      Kenya, Fish feeds, Management, Challenges, Opportunities [1]
      Kenya, Framing, Press statements, Extremism, Evangelical Alliance of Kenya, Religious Freedom [1]
      Kenya, indigenous theatrical performances, ritual, storytelling, proverb [2]
      Kenya, Kakamega County, INGOs, Human Security, Development [1]
      Kenya, performance, trade union, human resource, management [2]