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      Qualitative, Antenatal care, Delivery care, Barriers, Facilitators, Western Kenya [1]
      Quality Assurance Functions, Devolution, Quality Assurance and Standards Officers, Schools [1]
      Quality Assurance, Influence, Implementation, ECDE Curriculum [1]
      Quality Education Girls [1]
      Quality education, quality assurance, challenges, strategies, teaching methods, curriculum supervision, teacher appraisal, headteachers. [1]
      Quality Management System (QMS), Universities, organizational culture, performance. [1]
      Quality Management Systems, QMS, Maseno University [2]
      Quality of personnel [1]
      Quality, Double intake and Collaboration. [1]
      Quality, Nutrition, Facility-based determinates, Lactating, Pregnant, Adolescent [1]
      Quality, quality assurance, diversity, transfer of grades and exemptions [1]
      Quantitative Research Methods [1]
      quantitative trait loci (QTLs), rice, Striga hermonthica, resistance [1]
      Quantized Parametric Amplification, Jaynes-Cummings Interaction, Fluctuation State Vectors, Fractional Revivals, Interference, Positive-Negative Helicity Intensity/Polarization Operators, SU(1, 1) Symmetry Group [1]
      quantized parametric amplification, quantum squeeze operator, quantized Rabi frequency operator, loss of degeneracy, operator state amplitudes, fundamental quantum noise, correlations and uncertainty relations. [1]
      quantized parametric oscillation, Jaynes–Cummings interaction, collapses, revivals, fractional revivals, polarization state dynamics [1]
      Quantum Physics (quant-ph) [3]
      Quasi-Likelihood Information Criteria, Generalized Estimating Equations, Consistency, Sparsity, Sensitivity [1]