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      Rainfall Grazing CO2 exchange Productivity Savanna [1]
      Rainfall variability, rain fed agriculture, arididty, marginal areas, areal variability, temporal variability, drought intensity, floods, el nino, lanina, sahelian regions and rainfall fluctuations. [1]
      Rainfall, Quality, Farmers Data, T-test, Climate Change, Famers Perception [1]
      rainfed rice, water deficit, growth, yield, chlorophyll fluorescence, protein, chlorophyll, NERICA rice [1]
      Ralstonia solanacearum (E.F. Smith) Yabuuchi, is the cause of bacterial wilt of tomato and one of the most severe pathogens of solanaceous crops with a very wide host range. There is little information on R. solanacearum strains in Maseno region in Kenya despite the fact that bacterial wilt of tomato is of economic importance. The objective of this study was to isolate the strains of R. solanacearum of tomato and characterize morphologically and biochemically Ralstonia solanacearum races and biovars from infected tomato plants in Maseno region. This study was conducted at Maseno University in the Department of Botany at Microbiology Laboratory. Ten diseased tomato plants from Maseno, Mariwa, Seme and Hollo were collected and cut into small sections (0.5–1cm). The plant sections were then plated onto Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride (TZC) media. Profiling of the pathogen was done morphologicaly using culture techniques; biochemical tests included Gram staining test, Potassium hydroxide test, Catalase oxidase test, Gas production test, Starch hydrolysis test and sugar utilization test. The races were then identified by pathogenicity test on wide host range. All the isolates had fluidal pinkish red centered colonies on TZC media, they were Gram negative, potassium hydroxide solubility positive, produced gas from glucose, ooze test positive and did not hydrolyse starch which is typical of R. solanacerum. R. solanacearum strains from infected tomato plants in Maseno region were race 3 biovar 1 and race 3 biovar 3. All isolates were pathogenic on tomato plants. [1]
      Ralstonia solanacearum; Triphenyl tetrazolium chloride; Tomato; Bacteria wilt; Profiling; Pathogen; Race; Biovar. [1]
      Ralstoniasolanacearum; Screening; Stage of growth; Tomato; Bacterial wilt; Pathogen. [1]
      ram lamb [1]
      RANTES, malaria, anemia, erythropoiesis, reticulocyte production index, thrombocytopenia. [1]
      Rastrineobola argentea, Omena, Lake Victoria, Bycatch, Ecological functioning [1]
      Rate of return, University, schooling, lecturers, Kenya [1]
      rds: 813C, Africa, biomass, CO2 chambers, ecosystem respiration, gross primary production, humid savanna, net ecosystem exchange, nitrogen, soil moisture, Th [1]
      Re-entry, teenage mothers [1]
      Re-entry; dropouts; open distance e-learning [1]
      Reactive case detection, Index case, Asymptomatic parasite carriers, Neighbourhood [1]
      Reading skills [1]
      Real effective exchange rate; conditional volatility; generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity; international competitiveness [1]
      Real effective exchange rate; conditional volatility; generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity; international competitiveness. [2]
      Real effective exchange rate; macro-economic shocks; foreign direct investment; generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity [1]
      Record keeping; Information Communication Technology; principal’s administrative quality; Homabay County, Kenya [1]