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      Acheta domesticus; crickets; nutritional value; processing; rearing [2]
      Allelopathy, Bidens pilosa, Amaranthus dubius, Germination and growth., Chemicals, Seeds [1]
      Corporate social responsibility, hotels, financial performance, Kenya [1]
      Customer-driven marketing model; enhanced competitiveness; four- and five-star hotels; guests’ experiences [1]
      Determinants, scholar-practitioner gap, hospitality, Kenya [2]
      Economy of Kisumu, tourism enterprises, local procurement, differentiating performance, profitability, growth [1]
      edible insects, food design, hospitality industry, processed products, entomophagy [1]
      Energy water waste environmental management hotels Kenya [1]
      Enhanced Microbial Inoculants, DNA sequencing, Food security, PCR, compost feedstock [1]
      Entomophagy, Termites, Lakeflies, Edible insects [2]
      External Determinants, Hotels, Internal Determinants, Revenue Management Practices, Kenya, Financial Performance [1]
      Food service attributes, gastro-tourism development, importance-performance analysis, Western Tourist Circuit, Kenya [1]
      Fresh fruit, vitamins, spoilage, preservation [1]
      Gaps, Perceptions, Marketing Strategies, Hotels [1]
      Hospitality Services, Women Empowerment, Gender Equality, Entrepreneurship Challenges [1]
      Hotels, practices, revenue management, Star-rated, Kenya [1]
      Hotels; ICT application; Kenya; management practices; PLS-SEM [1]
      ICT adoption, hotel, multiple case studies, Kenya. [1]
      International Tourism, Change Point Detection, Pandemics, Political Instability, Natural Disaster [1]
      Kenyan Hotel Industry, post purchase evaluation, loyalty,quantitative and qualitative study. [1]