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      : ECDE Curriculum, Implementation, Learning conditions [1]
      : Perception; constructivist learning environment; gender; school type; Kenya [1]
      : Process Approaches, Composition Writing, Pedagogy, in-service, and Upper Primary Learners [1]
      : teacher training, multi-modal, micro-learning [1]
      Aceh, in-service teachers, student teachers, teacher identity, teacher education, teacher supports, qualitative research [1]
      Acquisition, Role Play, Christian Religious Education, Life Skills, Traditional Method [1]
      Administration, support, implementation, games, academic, secondary, schools, Kenya [1]
      Alignment, teaching style, learning style, Kiswahili language [1]
      Approaches, creative writing and upper primary learners [1]
      Art and design, talent, curriculum [1]
      ASEI-PDSI, extent of use of ASEI-PDSI approach [1]
      blended learning;common courses;face to face learning;high enrollment courses;low-income university;online learning;online distance teaching and learning [1]
      Christian Religious Education, Respect, Teacher-Centered Method, Secondary Schools, Students [1]
      Communication; Conflict resolution; ELearning; Interactions; Peace building [1]
      compare, perception, learning conditions, Kiswahili classroom. [1]
      constructivist learning environment [1]
      Correlation, Teacher factor and Functional Writing Skills. [1]
      COVID-19,onlineteaching,OER,MOOC. [1]
      Cybersecurity in Education, Innovations for Teacher Training, Cybersecurity in Online Learning, Teacher Empowerment, Cybersecurity Training for Teachers [1]
      Digital Literacy Programme, Computer skills, digital devices, laptop computer, teachers, schools [1]