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      : Avocado, climate change, Lake Victoria, Kenya, strategies. [1]
      : Biological treatment; Denitrification; Nitrate; Organic carbon; Sequencing batch reactors (SBR); Wastewater [1]
      : Flooding Capital, Economic, Strategies, Climate Change, Avocado Lake Victoria Kenya [1]
      : m-pesa, paybill [1]
      :fertilizer subsidy program, maize, productivity, Tobit model, small-scale farmers [1]
      adaptation strategies; agricultural productivity; Busia County; climate variability; endogenous switching regression [1]
      Adoption, Cloud computing, Hospitals, Kenya, Technology-Organization-Environment [1]
      Adoption; Africa; Ex-ante economic assessment; Transgenic cassava varieties [1]
      African universities, graduate-level training, Gulu University, human capacity constraint, thematic area-based PhD model [1]
      Agribusiness, Supply chain performance, Relationship quality, Multi-group analysis, Structural equations modelling [1]
      agronomic biofortification; iodine deficiency; stakeholder analysis; analytical hierarchy process; SWOT analysis; Uganda [1]
      agronomic biofortification; leafy vegetables; iodine foliar application; field experiment [1]
      agronomic iodine biofortification;analytical hierarchy process;iodine deficiency disorders;protection motivation theory [1]
      Alfisols, Ultisols, maize, organic inputs, sustainable production, Western Keny [1]
      Allocative efficiency, Stochastic frontier approach, Common bean, Uganda [1]
      attitude; iron; Knowledge;vitamin A; wild fruits and vegetables [1]
      attitudes, food consumption, household consumption, household income, household surveys, households, indigenous knowledge, knowledge, knowledge level, nutrition knowledge, nutritional state, rural areas, vegetables, women [1]
      Banana;Consumer behavior;Determinants;Food technology neophobia scale;Uganda [1]
      Binomial Logit, Factors, Adoption, Soil Conservation [1]
      Bulrush millet, stochastic production frontier, technical efficiency. [1]