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dc.contributor.authorOwen Mangusu, Amata Bryan, Oyaya Cyndy, Bitta caesar
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dc.description.abstractWilms’ tumor (nephroblastoma) is the most common primary renal malignancy in children, with a peak presentation in the ages 3-4 years. Wilms’ tumor is extremely rare in adults with around 300 cases described in literature. This presents both a diagnostic and treatment challenge in adults due to lack of standard protocols. Herein, we report a case of a 28-year-old primigravida who underwent nephrectomy postpartum for presumed renal cell carcinoma that was diagnosed as Wilms’ tumor at histology. This case is being reported on account of its peculiar presentation, and its presentation in pregnancy, to provoke further research and thus improve management in the adult patienten_US
dc.publisherEast African medical journalen_US
dc.titleAdult Wilms Tumour in pregnancyen_US

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