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dc.contributor.authorOjwang PJ, Ogada T, Gonzalez-Redondo JM Search articles by 'Gonzalez-Redondo JM' Gonzalez-Redondo JM, Kutlar A, Kutlar F, Huisman TH
dc.descriptionThe article can be accessed in full text via URL;
dc.description.abstractIn this paper, we present data on studies of beta S-haplotypes and alpha-thalassemia gene in subjects from the indigenous population of the Coast Province of Kenya Of the 7SS patients studied, four were homozygous for beta S-haplotype 20 characteristically associated with the severe form of sickle cell anemia found in the Central African Republic and Western Kenya. Two had haplotype 20 combined with haplotype 19 (Benin Type) and one had haplotype 20 combined with a new haplotype (20x). Alpha thalassaemia-2 gene (-3.7kb deletion) was detected in 45.6% of the 57AA subjects studied. An alpha globin gene triplication was detected in one subject whereas eight had gamma globin gene triplication.en_US
dc.publisherEast African medical journalen_US
dc.subjectGenes/Proteins;Diseases;Genetic mutationsen_US
dc.titlebeta S-haplotypes and alpha-thalassemia along the coastal belt of Kenya.en_US

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