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Influence of School Rules On the Management of Discipline In Public Secondary Schools in Kisumu Central Sub- County, Kenya

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dc.description.abstract ABSTRACT School rules world over are meant to streamline behavior of students so that discipline is well managed in learning institutions. The Government of Kenya has put in place several policy guidelines on school rules for discipline management. However, discipline incidents seem to be more prevalent in secondary schools in Kisumu Central compared to other sub counties within the county, accounting for 33.5% and 33.7% of total cases in 2013 (n=1439) and 2014 (n=1472) respectively. Limited information is available that such discipline occurrences in secondary schools are caused by the nature and implementation procedure of school rules. The purpose of this study was to assess the influence of school rules on the management of discipline in public secondary schools in Kisumu Central Sub County. Specific objectives were the assessment of discipline management influenced by school rules in public secondary schools, the nature of school rules and the procedure of implementation of school rule. The conceptual framework was derived from education policy. The study adopted descriptive and correlational research designs. Target population was 122 respondents comprising of 12 principals, 74 teachers in the disciplinary committees in schools, 12 chairpersons of the schools' Parents Association and 24 student council leaders. Saturated technique was used to sample 110 respondents comprising of 10 principals, 70 teachers 10 Parents Association chairs and 20 student council leaders. Questionnaire was used to collect data from principals, teachers, Parents Association chair persons and Student leaders. An interview schedule was administered on Sub County Quality Assurance and Standards Officer. Validity was done by consulting experts from the Department of Education during construction of the tools. Reliability was tested through test-retest, where an index of 0.7 and above was obtained for all the objectives. Thematic analysis was used to analyse qualitative data. Regression was used to analyse quantitative data. It was found that nature of rules (~= - .334; p<0.029) and implementation procedure (~= .710; p=<O.OOO)have positive and significant relationship with discipline management. The two variables contribute 43.6% variation in the management of student discipline. Formulation of school rules, implementation procedure should include all stakeholders and school rules should be continuously revised to be in alignment. Further studies should be done to assess implementation procedure of school rules in Kisumu Central Sub County. The findings are significant to the school managers, Ministry of Education and all education stakeholders on the management of discipline in line with school rules. en_US
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dc.title Influence of School Rules On the Management of Discipline In Public Secondary Schools in Kisumu Central Sub- County, Kenya en_US
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