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      : Adolescents, prevalence, gender, substance use/abuse [1]
      : Board of Management, Teachers, Academic Performance, KCSE, Quality Education, Wage Bill ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1]
      : Challenges; Low vision learners; Low vision devices. [1]
      : E-Learning, ICT integration, ICT education, new partnership for Africa’s development (NEPAD) [1]
      : ECDE Curriculum, Implementation, Learning conditions [1]
      : Education for All, Free Primary Education, human resources, academic performance [1]
      : Kenyan sign language, deaf children, language competence, performance, language comprehension, language production, [1]
      : Opportunities, challenges, strategies, girl-child, secondary, education, Kisumu, Kenya. [1]
      : Perception; constructivist learning environment; gender; school type; Kenya [1]
      : Process Approaches, Composition Writing, Pedagogy, in-service, and Upper Primary Learners [1]
      : Role of BoM, Determinant, Pupils’ Academic Performance, and Public Primary School [1]
      : teacher training, multi-modal, micro-learning [1]
      Academic ; Performance; Teacher; Students; Workload [1]
      academic achievement, reading literacy, Lisrel, performance, Kenya. [1]
      Academic achievement; Form four examinations; Gender; School adjustment; Secondary school students [1]
      Academic outcomes, Attitude, Gender, Interest, Peer influence, Gem sub – county. [1]
      academic performance; dropout; efficiency; TVET sector [1]
      Academic; Financing; Parents: Performance; Secondary Schools [1]
      Access to secondary school education, equity, bursary, Lorenz curve, Gini coefficient. [1]
      Access, Instructional Effectiveness, Parallel Programmes [1]