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      : Adolescents, prevalence, gender, substance use/abuse [1]
      : E-Learning, ICT integration, ICT education, new partnership for Africa’s development (NEPAD) [1]
      : Kenyan sign language, deaf children, language competence, performance, language comprehension, language production, [1]
      academic achievement, reading literacy, Lisrel, performance, Kenya. [1]
      Academic achievement; Form four examinations; Gender; School adjustment; Secondary school students [1]
      Access to secondary school education, equity, bursary, Lorenz curve, Gini coefficient. [1]
      Adolescence ,Culture,International ,Parenting,Positive development [1]
      adolescents, risk taking, dual systems, development, culture [1]
      Aggression, perception, perceived factors, psychological factors, violent behavior. [1]
      Aggression; Perceived factors; Perception; Violent behavior [1]
      Art and design, curriculum, talent, vocational education, attitude [1]
      assessors, collaborating teachers, professional development, principals, regular teachers, teacher trainee, teaching practice [1]
      Attachment theory, best interests of the child, child custody, child protection, family court, consensus statement [1]
      belief control practices, organizational performance sugar industry, Kenya, Ojera [1]
      breastfeeding behavior, psychosocial factors, theory of planned behavior, predictive power, breastfeeding mothers [1]
      career aspirations, career development barriers, secondary schools, students, gender [1]
      Career choice, academic achievement, career aspirations, career decision making self efficacy, secondary school, Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) exams, career interest, national exams. [1]
      career choice, secondary schools, students, influence, Ksumu municipality [1]
      Child internalizing and externalizing behavior, income, international, parental education, socioeconomic status [1]
      child maltreatment, middle childhood, parenting style [1]