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      : Challenges; Low vision learners; Low vision devices. [1]
      Barriers; Disabilities; Higher education; Inclusive education; Kenya [1]
      Cerebral palsy, Individualization, Instructional strategies, Kenya, Literacy skills and Special units [1]
      constituent order , cross-linguistic comparison , Flemish Sign Language , morpho-syntax , similarity across sign languages and South African Sign Language [1]
      constituent order; cross-linguistic comparison; Flemish Sign Language; morpho-syntax; similarity across sign languages; South African Sign Language [1]
      Disability Integration, Mainstreaming, Inclusive Education, Disability, Special Needs education International Conventions. [1]
      English composition, Hearing impairment, Learners, Nyanza province and Teaching strategies [1]
      Inclusive Education, Inclusive Education Policy, Inclusive education Practices, Implementation status, Siaya County, Kenya [1]
      inclusive education, teaching strategies, learners with special needs [1]
      influence of KSL, syntactical patterns, written English, written English grammar, learners who are deaf [1]
      Kenyan sign language, deaf children, language competence, performance, language comprehension, language production, [1]
      Language-in-Education, multilingualism,deaf education [1]
      Level of support, Learning resources, Physically challenged, Learners. [1]
      Pre-School Children, Effect, Television, Academic Performance, Language Acquisition [1]
      self concept, visually impaired pupils, academic achievement [1]
      Sign Language, Deaf culture, religion, life-style, daily practices, political beliefs, and education. [1]
      Sign Language, South African Deaf Community [1]
      signed languages, American Sign Language and British Sign Language [1]
      signed languages, Sign Linguistics, referent tracking, Flemish Sign Language, South African Sign Language [2]
      support services, resources, hearing learners, learners with Hearing Impairment (HI), regular primary schools, inclusion, resource personnel and teaching-learning materials and equipment. [1]