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      Career counseling, career developments, students, career barriers [1]
      Career engagement . Intrinsic career satisfaction . Perceived employability . Psychological capital . School-to-work transition . Social cognitive model of career selfmanagement [1]
      career indecision, adolescents, gender, type of school, grade, career counseling [1]
      Career Indecision, Career Readiness, Locus Of Control, Secondary School Students, Gender [1]
      caregiving stress; adoptive grandmothers; biological mothers; orphaned children; child adjustment [1]
      carers, families, home-based care, qualitative research, resource-poor settings, social aspects, sub-Saharan Africa [1]
      Cerebral Palsy, Motor skill performance, dressing, training and Activity of Daily Living. [1]
      child abuse, neglect, Mothers, fathers [1]
      child adjustment; child externalizing behavior; corporal punishment; political violence; parenting; parenting violence; sectarian violence [1]
      child aggression; community violence; harsh parenting; parental monitoring; neighborhood danger [1]
      child development, parenting adolescents [1]
      child development; culture; international research; parenting [1]
      Child development; maternal psychological distress; lowand middle-income countries; parenting experience [1]
      Child internalizing and externalizing behavior, income, international, parental education, socioeconomic status [2]
      Child maltreatment; Childhood sexual abuse; Physical abuse; Neglect; Psychopathology; PTSS; Mediation [1]
      childhood ,adolescence,Mothers,fathers, [1]
      Children, mothers, and fathers [1]
      children’s adjustment, culture, hostility, parental discipline [1]
      Choice shift, Disciplinary panels, Decision making, Age differences, Panel members, Modified choice dilemma questionnaire. [1]
      Classroom, Instruction, Reinforcement, Strategies, Factors, Implementation, Public, Primary Schools [1]