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      academic achievement, adolescence, externalizing, internalizing, low‐ and middle‐income countries, parenting [2]
      academic achievement; behavior problems; international; parenting; prosocial behavior; social competence [1]
      Academic self-efficacy, performance, orphaned students [1]
      adjustment, re-admitted teenage mothers, school categories, secondary schools, Kenya [1]
      adolescence, aggression, culture, delinquency, international, peers [1]
      Adolescence, attachment, conflicts, parent–adolescent relationships, romantic relationships [1]
      Adolescence; Culture; International; Parenting ;Positive development [1]
      adolescence; maturity; law; age of majority; cross-national [1]
      Adolescence;internal body state;harsh and predictable environment;Fast-life history behavioral profiles [1]
      adolescent, child development, culture, education, international, mental health, parenting, poverty, Sustainable Development Goals, well-being [1]
      Adolescents , Sensation seeking , Parenting , Substance use , Temperament [1]
      Age, Adjustment, Re-admitted teenage mothers, Secondary schools, Ugenya, Kenya. [1]
      Age, career indecision, career readiness, students [1]
      aggression ;cultural differences ;parent behavioral control ;parent warmth; rule‐breaking [1]
      aggression, cultural differences, parent behavioral control, parent warmth, rule‐breaking [1]
      aggressive behavior,cultural differences,hostile attribution,interpersonal conflict,social cognition [1]
      alternative corrective measures, student behavior problems, secondary school, students, management [1]
      Attitude, guidance and counseling programme, adjustment, re-admitted teenage mothers, Kenyan, secondary schools [2]
      Attributions; Culture; Externalizing behavior; Parenting [1]
      authoritarian; collectivism; culture; historical perspective; individualism; international; parenting attitudes; social change [3]