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      16S rRNA, bacteria, fish-waste diet, Pinctada maxima, gold-lipped pearl oyster [1]
      : Covid-19, lockdowns, movement restrictions, aquaculture value chain, adaptive measures [1]
      : Growth, O. niloticus, feeding frequency [1]
      : Lake Victoria, Research, Fisheries, Eutrophication, Extinction [1]
      Abiotic factors.biotic factors,Neochetina eichhorniea,nutrients dynamics,water quality [1]
      actors, aqua-feed, value chain, Kenya [1]
      Aerated; denitrification; nitrification; non-aerated; removal efficiency; Belüftung; Denitrifikation; Nitrifikation; anaerob; Wirkungsgrad [1]
      agro-industrial wastes, earthworm bedding, Eisenia fetida, fishmeal, Oreochromis niloticus [1]
      alga, fecundity, generation time, lifetable parameters, population growth, Rotifera [1]
      aqua-feed, aqua-wastes, nitrogen, nutrient discharge, nutritional strategies, phosphorus [1]
      aquaculture, employment, transformation [1]
      aquaculture, fish conservation, fish genetic resources, fisher communities, genetic diversity [1]
      Aquaculture, fishmeal, isocaloric diet, isonitrogenous diet, sunflower seed meal [1]
      Aquaculture, genetics, Oreochromis niloticus, selective breeding [1]
      Aquaculture, Kenya, Challenges, Opportunities, ESP, KMFRI [1]
      aquapark, aggregated aquaculture production, management service provision units, synchronized production, smallholder community, economies of scale [1]
      Aquaponic system . Biofilter. Nutrients. Recirculating aquaculture system [2]
      Artemia franciscana, biofloc technology, carbon-nitrogen ratio, chicken manure extract (CME),green water technology [1]
      Artemia franciscana, biofloc technology, carbon-nitrogen ratio, chicken manure extract (CME),greenwatertechnology [1]
      bacterialbiomass,chickenmanureextract(CME),fishwastediet(FWD),livefood,microalgae,singlecellproteins(SCP) [1]