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      Acid soils, inorganic fertilizers, maize yield, organic materials Article Details How to Cite [1]
      Acid soils, Lime, phosphorus, organic materials, tolerance to soil acidity. [1]
      Acidity, Kenya, Lime treatment ,Phosphorus and Soybean (Glycine max L.) [1]
      Adoption, integrated soil fertility management, organic inputs, predictive guidelines. [1]
      Adoption, Socioeconomics, Soil, Tithonia research. [1]
      Aluminum phytotoxicity Inorganic phosphorus sources Maize yields Organic materials Phosphorus availability [1]
      Aluminum toxicity, lime, maize, nitrogen, phosphorus. [1]
      Beans, Crop arrangement, intercropping ,Maize and Phosphorus [1]
      Calliandra; maize stover; net benefits; urea; Western Kenya. [1]
      Cambisol; ferralsol; inorganic; organic materials; phosphorus sorption. [1]
      Conservation Agriculture, Push-Pull Technology, Agroecological Transition, UPSCALE, PrAEctiCe [1]
      consumer demand ,nightshade, vegetables. [1]
      Farmyard manure, Lime, phosphorus, soil acidity, Tithonia diversifolia ________________________________________________________________________ [1]
      Food security, phosphate rock depletion, sustainable agriculture. [1]
      Greenhouse gases, Manure, Nutrient use efficiency, Maize yield [1]
      Inorganic fertilizers, low soil fertility, crop production. [1]
      inorganic, organic, rhizobia, smallholder, water hyacinth [1]
      inorganic,organic,rhizobia,smallholder,water hyacinth. [1]
      integrated soil fertility management; organic materials; phosphorus availability; on-farm research [1]
      maize yields, phosphorus availability, phosphorus sources, soil acidity [1]