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      1-amino-cyclopropane-1-carboxylic acid, ACC deaminase, PCR, rhizobacteria, Striga hermonthica. [1]
      813C, Africa, biomass, CO2 chambers, ecosystem respiration, gross primary production, humid savanna, net ecosystem exchange, nitrogen, soil moisture, [1]
      : Food security, phosphate rock depletion, sustainable agriculture [1]
      : maize, Zea mays L., Striga hermonthica, grain yield, correlation, stability [1]
      : Retinoblastoma, Survival ,Limited resources, Chemoreduction, Vision conserved, Late presentation [1]
      abiotic stress, aerenchyma, antioxidants, iron oxidation control, radial oxygen loss, rice. [1]
      adaptation traits, biochemical mechanisms, Fe-toxicity tolerance, physiological mechanisms, rice [1]
      adaptation traits, biochemical mechanisms, Fe-toxicity tolerance, physiological mechanisms, rice. [1]
      allelopathy, Cowpeas, germination, growth, radicle growth [2]
      bean inter-crop, maize, parasitic weed, Striga [1]
      biocontrol, Fusarium oxysporium, local maize, local strains, striga weed [1]
      Biodiversity;Eleusine coracana;Finger millet;Phylogenetic analysis;Population structure [1]
      Biological Control, Bioagent, Mycoherbicide, Phytotoxins, Secondary metabolites, Toxins [1]
      Biomass, brix, environment, genotype, sweet sorghum. [1]
      Biomass; Genotype–environment interaction; Sucrose;Sweet sorghum [1]
      Blast disease, Chloridoid grasses, Eleusine coracana, Eragrostis curvula, Host resistance, Magnaporthe oryzae, PWL1, PWL2 [1]
      Cercospora zeina, disease resistance components, ecology and epidemiology, epidemic rate, quantitative resistance, Zea mays [1]
      Chromosomal rearrangements;Eleusine coracana;E. indica;Finger millet;Genetic mapping;Genotyping-by-sequencing (GBS) [1]
      Citrullus lanatus, Kenya,Watermelon commercial cultivars, Watermelonlandraces, Yield potential [1]
      Combing ability;Hybrid breeding;Sweet sorghum [1]