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      : Insurance, attitude, indigenous chicken. [1]
      : system’s values; intrinsic robustness; modern breeding technologies; low input goat production systems [1]
      Alpine dairy goats, genetic diversity, gene origin, Kenya [1]
      arid and semi-arid lands, beef cattle production, production constraints, production systems, research and development [1]
      Boran cattle, [1]
      Chemical composition, Croton nut, degradability, Gas production technique, Processing. [1]
      chicken, genetic parameters, natural antibodies, specific antibodies [1]
      Cockroach, Feed Intake, Growth Rate [1]
      community cooling plant, dairy cow ownership, heckman model, market participation, milk sales, truncation effect [1]
      condensed tannins, IVOMD, NDF, nitrogen, phenolic compounds, rumen liquid [1]
      Correlation estimates, Lactation curve traits, Reproductive performance [1]
      Correlation estimates, reproductive performance, test-day milk yield [1]
      Covariance functionsDorper sheepGenetic parametersGrowthRandom regression model [1]
      Croton nut; Alternative protein; Nutritional value; In sacco degradation [1]
      Curve Maturity Parameter Inflection point [1]
      dairy cattle, Variance components and genetic parameters [1]
      Dairy Goats, Sub-Saharan Africa, Milk Production, Research and Development, Low Input Systems [1]
      Dairy production, dairy cattle breeds, Holstein Friesian (F), Ayrshire (A), Jersey (J) and Guernsey (G) [1]
      egg value chain, external egg characteristics, management practices [1]
      focus group discussions, indigenous chicken diseases [2]