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      - Droughts, Drought Frequency, Drought Duration, Drought Intensity, NDVI, Vegetation cover [1]
      : Buffer Zone Regimes, Tree Species Richness, species relative abundance. [1]
      : Household solid waste generation, predictor variables, socio-economic and demographic data, planning, socio-economic group. [1]
      : Indoor air pollution, Rural villages, Kenya, Biomass fuel, Acute respiratory infection [1]
      : Terrestrial biodiversity, biodiversity loss, anthropogenic activities, rare species. [1]
      : Tobacco, bamboo, growth performance, Kenya. [1]
      Abiotic factors, birds, Kenya, species richness. [1]
      animal abundance, biodiversity indices, body size, large herbivores, species diversity [2]
      Anopheles gambiae, Anopheles funestus, Culex, Mosquito, Larval habitat, Mara River, Kenya, Tanzania [2]
      Anthropogenic activities, benthic macroinvertebrates, disturbed sites, indicator species, solid waste, water quality [1]
      Apiary, Colony, Forage, Pesticide, Residue, Sanitation, Season, Senescence [1]
      Artisanal fishing gears, Beach seine, Purse seine, Gill net, Physico-Chemical parameters, Ferguson’s gulf, Lake Turkana [2]
      AVHRR-NDVI, habitat heterogeneity, landscape scale, landsat thematic mapper, mammal, net primary productivity, regional scale, species richness. [1]
      AVHRR-NDVIbirdsmappingspecies richnessKenyatime series analysis [1]
      Banana; farmers; waste management; welfare; Kenya [1]
      Benthic Macroinvertebrates, Riparian Vegetation Cover, River Health, Kuywa River [2]
      Biodiversity Assessment, living organisms [1]
      biological diversity, mammalian diversity [1]
      Buluba, fisher communities, lake victoria, socio-economic, thruston bay, water quality. [2]
      burning, case studies, charcoal, farming, forest management, forest policy, forestry, forests, illicit felling, national forests, reserved forests [1]