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Environmental management practices implemented by the hotel sector in Kenya

Show simple item record Beryl Omune, Oscar Kambona, Billy Wadongo, Amon Wekesa 2021-07-19T07:07:04Z 2021-07-19T07:07:04Z 2021
dc.description.abstract Environmental management has become an important concept among the hotel sector globally following the negative impacts of its operations on the natural environment. In this regard, hotels have embarked on a course of implementing environmental management practices to mitigate their negative impacts on the environment. This study therefore was aimed at identifying environmental management practices that have been implemented by hotels in Kenya. Parameters of concern were on waste management, energy and water conservation practices. A cross-sectional census survey research design was used to gather data using structured questionnaire administered via email to managers from a total of 70 hotels classified as three-to-five-star properties in Kenya. 42 hotels responded to the questionnaire representing 60% response rate considered adequate for the study. Mean score ranking and percentages revealed that the highly implemented environmental management practices are; reviewing and monitoring of energy bills by 71.42% and ensuring taps are not opened unnecessarily by 85.70%. However, the least implemented were using renewable energy sources by 31.42% and composting organic and food waste by 36.18%. Based on the findings, hotels have majorly implemented more of those practices that either involves “low cost” or “no cost” of implementation and less of those practices that require high upfront cost. The study therefore recommended increased awareness among hotel operators and employees on the various environmental management practices which can be achieved through environmental training programs. Hotels should also be supported by government in subsidizing the cost of environmental management practices that require high installation fee. en_US
dc.publisher Routledge en_US
dc.subject Energy water waste environmental management hotels Kenya en_US
dc.title Environmental management practices implemented by the hotel sector in Kenya en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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