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Field Characterization of Partial Resistance to Gray Leaf Spot in Elite Maize Germplasm

Show simple item record James Nyanapah, Patrick Ayiecho, Julius Nyabundi, Washington Otieno, Peter Ojiambo 2021-07-08T09:06:59Z 2021-07-08T09:06:59Z 2020
dc.description.abstract Forty-eight inbred lines of maize with varying levels of resistance to gray leaf spot (GLS) were artificially inoculated with Cercospora zeina and evaluated to characterize partial disease resistance in maize under field conditions from 2012 to 2014 across 12 environments in western Kenya. Eight measures of disease epidemic—that is, final percent diseased leaf area (FPDLA), standardized area under the disease progress curve (SAUDPC), weighted mean absolute rate of disease increase (ρ), disease severity scale (CDSG), percent diseased leaf area at the inflection point (PDLAIP), SAUDPC at the inflection point (SAUDPCIP), time from inoculation to transition of disease progress from the increasing to the decreasing phase of epidemic increase (TIP), and latent period (LP)—were examined. Inbred lines significantly (P < 0.05) affected all measures of disease epidemic except ρ. However, the proportion of the variation attributed to the analysis of variance model was most strongly associated with SAUDPC (R2 = 89.4%). Inbred lines were also most consistently ranked for disease resistance based on SAUDPC. Although SAUDPC was deemed the most useful variable for quantifying partial resistance in the test genotypes, the proportion of the variation in SAUDPC in each plot was most strongly (R2 = 93.9%) explained by disease ratings taken between the VT and R4 stages of plant development. Individual disease ratings at the R4 stage of plant development were nearly as effective as SAUDPC in discerning the differential reaction of test genotypes. Thus, GLS rankings of inbred lines based on disease ratings at these plant developmental stages should be useful in prebreeding nurseries and preliminary evaluation trials involving large germplasm populations. en_US
dc.publisher The American Phytopathological Society en_US
dc.title Field Characterization of Partial Resistance to Gray Leaf Spot in Elite Maize Germplasm en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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