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What is South African sign language? What is the South African deaf community

Show simple item record Philemon Akach, Eline Demey, Emily Matabane, Mieke Van Herreweghe, Myriam Vermeerbergen 2020-12-11T08:03:45Z 2020-12-11T08:03:45Z 2009-05-11
dc.description.abstract SUMMARY What is South African Sign Language? What is the South African Deaf Community? These two questions may look simple but answering them is quite complicated. It is a well-known fact that across the world, the majority of deaf children have hearing parents who are not likely to know a signed language. These children start acquiring their signed language only when beginning (pre) school. The atypical acquisition process is but one of the factors likely to influence any signed language. Another such factor is the spoken language used by the surrounding hearing community. Both (deaf) education and (spoken) language use are complicated issues in South Africa. It is therefore not hard to understand that determining the nature of South African Sign Language is also far from simple. And because it is the signed language which is the most important defining characteristic of any Deaf community, defining the South African Deaf Community is not simple either. This chapter gives an overview of past positions on both these questions and aims at providing some preliminary answers. en_US
dc.publisher research gate en_US
dc.subject Sign Language, South African Deaf Community en_US
dc.title What is South African sign language? What is the South African deaf community en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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