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dc.contributor.authorKhasakhala, E
dc.contributor.authorOracha, P
dc.contributor.authorOuma, C
dc.contributor.authorMacharia, S
dc.description.abstractPractitioners handling learners with Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) often feel ill- prepared to effectively manage this disorder. Quite often, when faced with cases of challenging behaviour, teachers use coping strategies which may be counter-productive. This paper reports the findings of a study that sought to determine factors that influence practitioners' choice of behaviour management strategies among learners with ASDs in primary schools in Western Kenya. An exploratory analysis set out to determine the practitioners' perception of challenging behaviour and its influence on the choice of management strategies. The findings of the study revealed that practitioners training, work experience, collaboration and networking with other professionals, staffing levels, and support received from parents of children with ASDs played a significant role in the choice …en_US
dc.titleCorrelates of Behavior Management Strategies Among Learners With Autistic Spectrum Disorders In Primary Schools In Western Kenyaen_US

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