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      : adaptation; biodiversity; climate; ecosystems; health; land use; mitigation; oceans; risk management [1]
      : Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis, Bacillus sphaericus, Anopheles gambiae complex, Anopheles funestus group [1]
      : Cattle; Liver; Heart; Parasites; Fasciola; Muscular Cysticercosis; Economic Losses [1]
      : Commercial bicycle, fatalities, Injuries, Casualties, Injury disposition, injury outcome, severity, morbidity, burden [1]
      : disease vector, gene flow, habitat suitability, landscape genetics, random forest, spatial modeling [1]
      : Erythrocyte protoporphyrin, Inflammation, Iron deficiency, Kenya, Malaria, Plasmodium, Child, Preschool, Zinc protoporphyrin [1]
      : HIV; provider initiated HIV testing and counseling; service uptake; Western Kenya [1]
      : indoor residual spray, mosquitoes, malaria, transmission, knowledge, attitude, Kenya [1]
      : Injuries; emergency department; medical record system; health care utilization. [1]
      : Kenya, Pre-exposure Prophylaxis, Awareness, Acceptability, HIV prevention, GBMSM [1]
      : Kenya; LGBTQ; social support; mental health; gay and bisexual men; men who have sex with men [1]
      : Long-lasting microbial larvicide, Cluster-randomized controlled trial, Vector abundance, Malaria transmission intensity, Clinical malaria, Cost-effectiveness [1]
      : Maastricht Social Network Analysis, street children, social networks, health status, Kenya [1]
      : Malaria vectors, Outdoor resting, Vector surveillance, Sticky pot, Kenya [1]
      : Malaria, formal education, health care [1]
      : Malaria, microscopy, presumptive diagnosis [1]
      : Malaria, PGenus fuorescent in situ hybridization, Microscopy, Quantitative real-time PCR, Performance [1]
      : Malaria; diagnosis; microscopy; treatment; validity; reliability [1]
      : Patient satisfaction, healthcare service delivery, total quality management [1]
      : Public Health Interventions, intestinal protozoan infections, intestinal helminthic infections, reduction, school health program [1]