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The study established the influence of parenting style on involvement in education of public preschool learner, in Nandi Central Sub-County, Kenya. The study adopted the Concurrent Triangulation design within the mixed methods approach. The target population was 3566 which was composed of 183 head teachers’ public primary school, 183 lead teachers of public Early Childhood Development Education and 3200 parents of top class in Nandi Central Sub-County, Kenya. The study adopted purposive and simple random sampling techniques to sample respondents. The ECDE parents were sampled using stratified random sampling technique. The sample size for the study was 462. This composed of 74 public head teachers, 74 lead teachers of public early childhood Development Education and 320 parents. The instruments used were questionnaires and interview schedule. The pilot study was done in two schools and test re-test method was used to determine the instrument’s reliability and a Cronbach alpha co-efficient of 0.804 was reported. Validity was ensured through expert judgment by my supervisors. The researcher utilized thematic analysis. Inferential statistics such as ANOVA and post Hoc tests were used to analyze quantitative data. The study found out that authoritative parents were more involved in the education of their children. The study recommended that, parents should come up with the best child rearing practices that enhances parental involvement in the education of preschool learner performance.

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