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Effect of reward strategies on performance of national police service employees in Tranzoia county,Kenya

Show simple item record KARANI, Ruth Moraa 2020-02-18T07:47:48Z 2020-02-18T07:47:48Z 2019
dc.description Masters Project en_US
dc.description.abstract Despite the government reforms effort in the National Police Service, performance has continued to deteriorate with criminal activities increasing day by day. The Police received an increase of 1,448 crime cases during September to December 2018, marking 7% rise from the 19,815 incidents reported to the police in 2017. Although research has been done on motivation and training, challenges leading to this dull performance have not been adequately investigated and well understood hence hindering performance by NPS who play critical role in security issues. The consideration of reward strategies as the independent variable and performance as dependent variable was sought. The main purpose of this study was to determine the effect of reward strategies on the performance of National Police Service in Trans Nzoia County, Kenya. The study was guided by specific objectives that is; to establish the forms of rewards provided to NPS, to examine the effect of intrinsic reward strategies and to determine the effect of extrinsic reward strategies on the performance of NPS employees in Trans Nzoia County. This study was guided by Expectancy theory, Maslow theory of motivation and Equity theory. The target population were all 1578 police officers in Trans Nzoia County with a sample size 319.Asimple random sampling was used to arrive at a sample population. The study used a correlational research design. Primary data were collected using structured questionnaires and interviews with senior officers. The researcher used test and retest method to assess the validity and reliability.Objective 2 & 3 was analysed using regression analysis. Qualitative data was presented thematically, based on the objectives of the study. The study established that the NPS employees were provided with different forms of rewards whichinclude pay and allowances, paid vacations, paid sick leaves, purchase discounts, desired work assignments, maximum security while on duty and equity in payment.It was also established that there is a strong effect on performance of NPS employees attributable to unit change in both intrinsic (β = 0.274, p = 0.00) and extrinsic (β=0.403, p = 0.00)reward strategies. The study recommended the employer to take into consideration the needs and wants of the employees as well as including them in the process of reward strategy development and allow frequent feedback on the effect of any form of reward strategy. The study may provide a basis to the management of NPS with foundation to establish the best form of reward strategy and serve as reference material with documented best strategy in facilitating the performance of NPS employees. en_US
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dc.title Effect of reward strategies on performance of national police service employees in Tranzoia county,Kenya en_US
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