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Effect of human capital management on employee performance in public teaching and referral hospitals in Kenya: a case of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga teaching and referral hospital

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dc.description.abstract Kisumu County Annual Development Plan 2017-2018 reports that, there are 120 public health facilities consisting of one county referral hospital, six sub-county hospitals and 113 primary care facilities. The current health care staffing levels in the county is represented by a “nurse to population ratio” of 1:1697 and a doctor to population ratio of 1:38511. Kisumu County, compared to other counties in Kenya, has topped from 2011-2017 show that inadequate medical services contributes a great deal to Kenya. The county’s health statistics in a population of 984069 look grim. This state of affairs about health and medical services in Kisumu County has been attributed to delayed and underfunding from national government. No links have been made to the management of the medical facilities. Investigations into role of professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness in activities of the public hospitals have not been done. Studies elsewhere and in other contexts close to these areas have focused on medical staff of health institutions. However the studies have not covered in depth human capital management (HCM) and its outcomes of efficiency, effectiveness and work quality by employees. Knowledge is lacking on effect of workforce optimization on employee efficiency, effect workforce optimization on employee effectiveness and workforce optimization on employee work quality with regard to public teaching and referral hospitals one of which is Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital in Kenya. The studies have not been specific on workforce optimization (WO) as an element of HCM to gain deeper insights. Knowledge is not evident on effect of WO on employee efficiency (EFY), on employee effectiveness (EFS) and on employee work quality (EWQ). This study sought to determine effect of HCM on employee performance in public teaching and referral hospitals in Kenya. Specifically the study sought to investigate effect of WO on EFY, determine effect of WO on EFS and ascertain effect of WO on EWQ. The study was anchored on Resource Based View Theory and Human Capital Theory. The study adopted a correlation design. Target population was 72 senior administrative officers of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral hospital (JOOTRH). Saturated sample was used. It was a census study given that the population is small. Both primary and secondary data was used. Primary data was collected from the respondents using structured questionnaire. Secondary data was gathered relevant documents in the custody of the hospital and government available in libraries and other places. Pilot test data from 7 respondents was used to test reliability of instrument. Reliability of the research instrument was ascertained at Cronbach’s Alpha of .789, .801, .822 and .739 for WO, EFY, EFS and EWQ respectively. Validity was ascertained by exposing instrument to subject, practice and research experts for critique. Regression coefficients were; (B = 0.913, p< 0.05), (B = 0.953, p< 0.05), (B = 0.374, p< 0.05) for WO on EFY, WO on EFS, and WO on EWQ respectively. R2 = .133. These results show that WO has a positive significant effect on EFY, EFS and EWQ while HCM as constructed on WO accounts for 13.3% variation in performance of employees of JOOTRH . It is concluded that WO predicts EFY, EFS and EWQ and that HCM as a unit contributes to employee performance. The study recommends enhancement of WO efforts. Study is expected to benefit policy making in government, the sector of health and medical services and the hospitals in particular. Additionally, researchers may base their future research on the study. en_US
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dc.title Effect of human capital management on employee performance in public teaching and referral hospitals in Kenya: a case of Jaramogi Oginga Odinga teaching and referral hospital en_US
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