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      : Apis mellifera, bee keeping, bee plants, conservation, Eastern Mau forest [1]
      : application rates, carotenoids, chemical composition, chlorophyll, fertilizers, gas exchange, leaf area, leaf conductance, nutrient availability, photosynthesis, plant composition, seedlings, stomata, tillers, transpiration, wetlands [1]
      : Attractants, Gravid mosquitoes, Malaria, Graminoid plants, Olfactometer, Plant volatiles, Semi- field, Vector control, Attract-and-kill [1]
      : Avocado, climate change, Lake Victoria, Kenya, strategies. [1]
      : Bacillus thuringiensis var. israelensis, Bacillus sphaericus, Anopheles gambiae complex, Anopheles funestus group [1]
      : Bacteria, growth inhibition, extracts, phytochemicals, solanum [1]
      : Biological treatment; Denitrification; Nitrate; Organic carbon; Sequencing batch reactors (SBR); Wastewater [1]
      : Board of Management, Teachers, Academic Performance, KCSE, Quality Education, Wage Bill ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [1]
      : Botanicals, common bean, concentration, fungi, Phaeoisariopsis griseola [1]
      : Browser reference architecture, memory hogging, web browser [1]
      : Buffer Zone Regimes, Tree Species Richness, species relative abundance. [1]
      : Capital growth, Forward Integration [1]
      : Caregiver-Teen-Communication (CTC), People living with HIV, Luo community, Rural, Siaya County [1]
      : Cattle; Liver; Heart; Parasites; Fasciola; Muscular Cysticercosis; Economic Losses [1]
      : Centrospermeae, C4, C3, C3-C4 species,δ 13C values, Kranz leaf anatomy,adaptive strategies [1]
      : Challenges; Low vision learners; Low vision devices. [1]
      : Commercial bicycle, fatalities, Injuries, Casualties, Injury disposition, injury outcome, severity, morbidity, burden [1]
      : COVID 19; flavonoids; catechins; theaflavin; fresh embalmment fluid; 100oC steam; population health; alternative medicine. [1]
      : cultural and social attitudes, decision-making, disaster risk reduction, early warning system, evacuation, immobility, loss and damage, religious beliefs, risk perception [1]
      : Depression, peripartum adolescents, loss, role transition, interpersonal psychotherapy, stigma [1]