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2-Hydroxysorangiadenosine: Structure and Biosynthesis of a Myxobacterial Sesquiterpene–Nucleoside

Show simple item record Dorothy A Okoth, Joachim J Hug, Ronald Garcia, Cathrin Spröer, Jörg Overmann, Rolf Müller 2021-05-19T12:36:47Z 2021-05-19T12:36:47Z 2020
dc.description.abstract Myxobacteria represent an under-investigated source for biologically active natural products featuring intriguing structural moieties with potential applications, e.g., in the pharmaceutical industry. Sorangiadenosine and the here-discovered 2-hydroxysorangiadenosine are myxobacterial sesquiterpene–nucleosides with an unusual structural moiety, a bicyclic eudesmane-type sesquiterpene. As the biosynthesis of these rare terpene–nucleoside hybrid natural products remains elusive, we investigated secondary metabolomes and genomes of several 2-hydroxysorangiadenosine-producing myxobacteria. We report the isolation and full structure elucidation of 2-hydroxysorangiadenosine and its cytotoxic and antibiotic activities and propose a biosynthetic pathway in the myxobacterium Vitiosangium cumulatum MCy10943 en_US
dc.publisher Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute en_US
dc.subject myxobacteria; terpene–nucleoside; biosynthesis; antibiotics; sorangiadenosine; 2-hydroxysorangiadenosine; secondary metabolites; genome-mining; antibiotics; natural products discovery en_US
dc.title 2-Hydroxysorangiadenosine: Structure and Biosynthesis of a Myxobacterial Sesquiterpene–Nucleoside en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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