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Reduplication in Dholuo a Study of Morphological Reduplication

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dc.description.abstract This work is a study of reduplication of Dholuo. Reduplication is a naturally integrated facility in Dholuo grammar and therefore calls for a thorough theoretical and descriptive analysis in order to provide a clear understanding of its place in the grammar of Dholuo. The data used are the common Dholuo words which have been reduplicated using various modes of reduplication or which occur in a reduplicated form. These words are recorded from the speech of the speakers of the KSN variety. The study is done in the framework of Morphological Doubling Theory (MDT) which is quite new in the field of morphology. The essential claim of MDT is that reduplication results when morphology calls twice for a given constituent of a given semantic description with possible phonological modification of either or both constituents. It is on this assumption that reduplication in Dholuo is analyzed and described. Chapter one introduces the topic of study, the statement of the problem, the objectives of the study, the hypotheses, the rationale, the theoretical framework, the scope and limitations, the literature review and methodology to be used in the study. The second chapter gives basic information about Dholuo phonology and morphology. This sets the stage for the ensuing discussions on reduplication and also enables us to establish the linguistic elements affected by reduplication. VIII Chapter three involves the description and analysis of data on reduplication. Modes of reduplication are highlighted; the semantic functions are also established. The study is concluded in chapter four. Reduplication in Dholuo is natural, productive and spontaneous. The meanings of reduplication constructions are context bound and therefore we should expect various semantic effects from the same reduplicative in various contexts. Morphological Doubling Theory achieves a better descriptive adequacy than other phonological copying theories that have been used. earlier in the study of en_US
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dc.title Reduplication in Dholuo a Study of Morphological Reduplication en_US
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