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The Role of Quality Assurance and Standards Officers in Enhancing Primary School Teachers’effectiveness in Marani Division, Marani District Kenya.

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dc.description.abstract The purpose of this study was to find out the role of Quality Assurance and Standards Officers (QASOs) in enhancing primary school teachers‟ effectiveness in Marani division, Marani district. The study also examined challenges QASOs face in enhancing primary school teachers‟ effectiveness and ways of mitigating factors that impede efficient and quality supervision. The study adopted a descriptive survey design. The researcher sampled 15 public mixed day primary schools which represented 45.45% of primary schools in 2 zones of Marani division. A stratified sampling technique was used to allow proportional allocation. This was occasioned by number of class streams and gender in public mixed day primary schools, Marani division. From each typology 4 teachers and 1 head teacher were sampled from the selected schools summing up to 60 teachers and 15 head teachers. Ministry of Education Officers sampled were the 2 QASOs of Marani division. The total sample for the study was 77. Data was collected by use of two sets of questionnaires and interview schedule which were administered to headteachers, teachers from sampled schools and QASOs respectively in Marani division. Data collected was analyzed manually and was presented in form of tables, figures, frequencies and percentages. The findings of the study indicated that insufficient funding, dearth of teaching and learning resource materials, understaffing of teachers and QASOs, insufficient use teaching and learning strategies by teachers, irregular visitation by QASOs to provide advise on curriculum and instruction, inadequate seminars and workshops on curriculum and instruction to refresh teachers on current educational trends and inadequate preparations of professional documents by teachers impeded the role of QASOs of enhancing teachers‟ effectiveness. However, the study also showed that QASOs participated in the selection of primary school joint divisional tests and advised teachers on effective classroom management. The study recommended that the Ministry of Education to allocate more funds towards recruitment of more teachers and QASOs to alleviate the challenge of understaffing in Marani division, QASOs to scale up assessment frequencies in order to improve academic performance, QASOs should conduct regular seminars and workshops in order to help teachers keep abreast with current curriculum trends, QASOs should motivate teachers by selecting best performers to be awarded promotions and opportunities for career development, QASOs should strive to constantly advise teachers on preparation of professional documents adequately and Stakeholders should be brought on board to partner with the government especially in the provision of adequate resources for physical facilities aimed at enhancing teachinglearning in schools. en_US
dc.publisher Kenyatta university en_US
dc.title The Role of Quality Assurance and Standards Officers in Enhancing Primary School Teachers’effectiveness in Marani Division, Marani District Kenya. en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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