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Responses adopted by private universities in Kenya to cope with the changing higher education environment

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dc.description.abstract This study was on responses adopted by private universities operating in Kenya to cope with the changing higher education competitive environment; and the challenges, which the private universities are facing in responding to their environment. Data was collected from 17 private universities in Kenya. The collected data was analyzed and interpreted in line with the aims of the study. The respondents were senior administrators, the Vice-Chancellors of the private universities. A questionnaire with open ended and closed ended question was developed by the researcher and used in data collection. Literature review items were used to come up with the items on the questionnaire. Data analysis tools used in the research was Excel and SPSS and data was presented in form of tables and charts. Summary is based on the two research questions. Out of the 17 private universities to whom the questionnaires were administered, only 14 responded. This gave a response rate of 82% percent. The research methodology was based on the fact that the study was a census design. This method allowed the collection of a large amount of descriptive information that was analyzed. The study concludes that private universities have long-term policies and plans for using their resources to support their long-term competitive strategy, the major contribution of the operations department to the changing competitive environment is to set tight standards in product delivery and a verification of support base, in order to achieve cost leadership and provide services cheaper than the competition, private universities have restructured to cut on costs over the last 5 years with the process being accelerated during the last 1 year. The objectives of restructuring were aimed at increasing efficiency and improving service delivery, in the advent of increased competition and price wars marketing, most universities are soliciting a direct response, which is specific and quantifiable from the all the stakeholders. Over the last 5 years many changes in IT have taken place in most private universities with the process being accelerated during the last 3 years, the objectives of the IT changes were to facilitate efficiency in management process to improve the quality in delivery of academic services and communication within and outside university. The other iii responses the private universities have made use of to respond to the changing competitive situation facing them ranged from introducing competitive courses and ethics in all over courses, revising the curriculum and programmes and new creations to town campuses characterized with diversification of programmes to the satellite campuses in major towns in Kenya. The three major challenges that the private universities are facing are: lack of skills and poor communication; poor facilitation and support from the private universities‘ stakeholders; and lastly, the absence of appropriate re-sourcing. Crucially further research should be done to determine how strategic responses could contribute to a company financial performance and to what extent can the benefits if any be quantified by the organizations. en_US
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dc.title Responses adopted by private universities in Kenya to cope with the changing higher education environment en_US
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