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Exact analytical solutions for fully quantized parametric oscillation dynamics

Show simple item record Joseph Akeyo Omolo 2020-12-01T07:32:54Z 2020-12-01T07:32:54Z 2013
dc.description.abstract In this paper, a simple method for obtaining general analytical solutions of the time evolution equations for a fully quantized parametric oscillation process is developed. Heisenberg’s equations for the signal–idler photon annihilation operators are converted into a matrix equation equivalent to a two-state Jaynes–Cummings time evolution equation which has exact analytical solutions. The mean intensity inversion for the coupled signal–idler photon pair is found to undergo fractional revivals for pump photon in a Fock state, provided both signal and idler photons are in occupied Fock states. General collapses and revivals occur for interactions with pump photon in a coherent state, but now with both or either of signal and idler photons in occupied Fock states. An interpretation of the coupled signal–idler photon pair as a circularly polarized two-state system specified by positive and negative helicity states leads to an appropriate description of photon polarization state dynamics governed by the underlying Jaynes–Cummings interaction. en_US
dc.publisher Routledge en_US
dc.subject quantized parametric oscillation, Jaynes–Cummings interaction, collapses, revivals, fractional revivals, polarization state dynamics en_US
dc.title Exact analytical solutions for fully quantized parametric oscillation dynamics en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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