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Sigendni Luo (Luo proverbs) as Communication Intervention Tool in the Fight against HIV/AIDS among the Luo of Western Kenya

Show simple item record Peres Wenje, Charles Nyambuga, Erick Nyambedha, Catherine Muhoma 2020-11-30T06:58:01Z 2020-11-30T06:58:01Z 2015
dc.description.abstract In Kenya, HIV/AIDS information and skills dissemination has been mainly through modern communication systems, such as the use of mass media — television, radio, internet, newspapers, and leaflets more than indigenous modes of communication strategies such as narration (sigendni), singing (wende) and dancing (miende). Mounting evidence indicates that these communication systems have the potential of alienating and disempowering the people they are intended to inform because the communication process does not start from within their experiences and in many cases are incapable of giving full respect to their values. To make a mark in the fight against HIV/AIDS in Africa there is need to embrace culturally sensitive communication systems in the fight against HIV/AIDS. The traditional systems of communication put greater emphasis on getting the audience involved in perceiving HIV/AIDS as their problem rather than a media, government, non government organization or an international agency agenda. This paper examines the use of narrative fiction as a strategy to create awareness and empower the community to take ownership of the fight against HIV/AIDS. The paper is grounded on Entertainment-Education (EE) strategy as propounded by Singhal & Rogers, Papa et al and Fossard. Data were gathered quantitatively and qualitatively using questionnaires, focus group discussions and in-depth interviews. Key findings indicate that sigendni Luo (Luo narratives) could be a powerful medium for learning and gaining understanding of others. Stories about people living either as victims or carers for sick relatives afford insights into what others have not experienced. This article concludes that sigendni Luo (Luo narratives) were important democratizing tools of communication. They put more emphasis on dialogue, debate and negotiation rather than persuasion and transmission of information from the external technical experts point of view. en_US
dc.subject HIV/AIDS prevention, sigendni Luo, culture, mass media and ora-media en_US
dc.title Sigendni Luo (Luo proverbs) as Communication Intervention Tool in the Fight against HIV/AIDS among the Luo of Western Kenya en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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