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An investigation of sin and evil in African cosmology

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dc.description.abstract The research has found out that, in our world, the appalling depth and extent of human suffering is evident and very much experienced. Evil and suffering are not just philosophical and theological aspects of human existence but is a personal problem that every human person experiences. There are occurrences in nature, for example, catastrophes, floods, earthquakes, which cause harm, misery and suffering to human persons. Human beings suffer from sickness, blindness, physical handicaps, which are very often accompanied by physical pain. The researcher has found out that every sensible human being questions why this should happen to humanity and individuals. The problem is even more crucial in Africa where we have rampart wars like in Somalia, Sudan, Rwanda, Burundi, Congo and so many other places. We are left asking the question: Why all this suffering in the world? How did it all begin? How can we be free from it? In this research we have looked at the concept of sin, sin and community, sin and God, moral culpability, consequences of sin, sin and covenant, sin and salvation in African perspective. en_US
dc.publisher Academic Journals en_US
dc.subject Evil, sin, wrongdoing, suffering, religion. en_US
dc.title An investigation of sin and evil in African cosmology en_US
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