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Errata. Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids from Senecio hadiensis

Show simple item record Obuya Were, Michael Benn, Raphael Munavu 2020-08-31T12:53:27Z 2020-08-31T12:53:27Z 1991-09
dc.description The article can be accessed in full text via URL; en_US
dc.description.abstract 17-Oxosparteine (1 mg), -isolupanine (3 mg), and N-methylcytisine (2 mg) were iden- tified by ms and tic comparisons with authentic samples (6,8). Catalytic reduction (2 mg) of 5,6-dehydrolu- panine (4 mg), oil, ms (9) with 5% Pd/C in gla- cial HOAc afforded lupanine, compared by ms and tic. 13-Hydroxysparteine (65 mg), mp 151-153°, [ ] +25° (r=0.01, MeOH), compared by ir, ms (6) and Rvalues with 13-hydroxysparteine[Si gel, petroleum ether-diethylamine (2:0.5)1 ob- tained after reduction of 13-hydroxylupanine with LiAlH4 in THF. LITERATURE CITED 1. BK Shishkin,Flora USSR, 11, 37 (1945). 2. F. Bohlmann, E. Winterfeldt, andH. Brac … For the paper by Were et al., entitled “Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids of Senecio hadiensis," J. Nat. Prod., 54, 491 (1991), the physical properties reported for hadienecine [10] were those of a salt. The free base has the following properties: mp 140—141° (Me2CO), v max (KBr) 3343 (brs) … en_US
dc.publisher American Chemical Society en_US
dc.title Errata. Pyrrolizidine Alkaloids from Senecio hadiensis en_US
dc.type Article en_US

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